Korean Infant Found Frozen To Death Inside Residential Complex — Koreans Continue The Fight For Better Child Protection Laws

The mother has since been arrested.

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This article includes descriptions of violence that may disturb some readers.

The Ilsan Seobu Police Station in Goyang City, Korea has arrested a woman in her 20s for murdering her newborn baby girl by abandoning the infant outside her apartment building.

| Yonhap News

On January 16, 2021, when the police received the report, the average temperature in Goyang fell to a blistering 10°F (12°C below zero) — with a citywide extreme “cold wave” warning issued.

Typical Korean winter in January. | Yonhap News

The infant was discovered by a neighbor from the residential complex. The neighbor claimed to have found the naked, frozen body in the most secluded, narrow alleyway within the complex. According to the neighbor, the infant still had her umbilical cord attached at the time of her discovery.

The alleyway where the infant was discovered. | SBS News

The police investigation has since revealed that the mother “threw the infant out the window” after having given birth to it in the bathroom of her apartment. The mother is said to have attempted escaping the crime scene, though the police tracked her down to a nearby building shortly after receiving the report from the neighbor.

Unrelated image. | Janko Ferlic/Unsplash

The mother now faces a murder charge, though the police is still working on figuring out the reason. Following the disheartening news, Koreans are coming together online to voice their concerns and fight for better laws that can “actually protect infants and young children“.

The mother could have at least took the baby to a center or even one of those baby boxes. Instead, she opted to literally ‘throw away’ the baby out the window. Of course this is an intentional kill. Doesn’t matter what her story is, she’s a murderer. Show no leniency. Protect the children, they are literally the future of this country.

— Online Comment

Meanwhile, the recent case of Baby Jung In’s death has sparked a nationwide movement to push for heavier sentences when it comes to “unfit” parents who neglect, abuse, and even kill their vulnerable children. Read more about Baby Jung In here:

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Source: SBS News and theqoo