Korean Man Violently Assaults His Girlfriend…Over A Menstrual Cycle

But it wasn’t his girlfriend’s period he got mad about.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of graphic content and violence that may disturb some readers.

The case of a Korean man and his light criminal sentence has become the center of outrage amongst netizens. Back in June of 2020, it was reported that a Korean man in his 50’s (Mr. A) violently assaulted his girlfriend (Ms. B) because of her friend’s menstrual cycle.

Illustration used by Newsis.

According to Newsis, Mr. A and Ms. B reportedly brought their friends over to their home that is located in Incheon. Ms. B’s friend was menstruating at the time of the meet-up, which sent Mr. A into his unwarranted rage. The reason? Mr. A became upset that his friend and Ms. B’s friend could not engage in sexual intercourse because of her menstrual cycle.

Illustration used by SBS News.

It was reported that Mr. A physically assaulted Ms. B after finding out about her friend’s period. He continuously punched her in the face, kicked her, and stepped on her numerous times. Mr. A’s assault inflicted multiple fractures on Ms. B’s ribs, which required medical attention.

This case went to court, where Mr. A was sentenced to one year in prison and 3 years of probation. According to the Mr. A’s legal representation, he was able to receive a light punishment because “after 2014, he was not subject to any criminal punishment, which was taken into consideration.” After this became public news, the nation erupted in anger as they expressed their disgust with Mr. A’s light sentence.

| theqoo
  • “This is every crazy person’s heaven…what is the judge doing?”
  • “F*ck, give up your career as a judge.”
  • “I’m getting tired of cursing…I’m losing my mind.”
  • “Wow, South Korea is so good at creating flowery roads for criminals. Really awesome.”
  • “That’s f*cking horrible. Is that judge crazy?”
  • “‘Because he didn’t have any criminal activity after 2014, he received a light sentence?’ They did everything they could so that he would receive a light sentence.”
  • “Judge Song Jae Yoon, I’ll remember you.”
  • “I had a hard time understanding the situation after reading the first sentence so I kept re-reading it.”
  • “If you search ‘Judge Song Jae Yoon’ you’ll find a lot of ridiculous instances where he gives criminals light punishments.”
Illustration used by No Cut News.
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