81 Year Old Korean Man Receives 3 Years Of Prison For Sexually Assaulting Daughter-In-Law In Front Of His Grandson

He was sentenced to prison.

It was reported that a Korean grandpa in his 80s received 3 years in jail for raping his daughter-in-law. According to the news, it happened as soon as his own wife had been placed in a nursing home.

The grandpa was living in Daejeon with his daughter-in-law, who is 49 years old in Korea. At his actions, she protested that her young son was in the room and urged him to return to his own room to get some rest. In court, she accused him of touching her body and forcing himself on her, as well as sexually assaulting her.

She claims it happened before in 2019 as well when his wife had been placed in a nursing home and once more in 2021. The judge sentenced him to 3 years in prison for causing shock to the young child and humiliation to the victim.

Source: Joongang