Korean Man Seeks Revenge On His Long-Time Crush With A Homemade Bomb… But Loses His Hand Instead

And the headline has Korean netizens doing a double take.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of violence that may disturb some readers.

On October 17, the South Korean City of Jeonju’s Deokjin Fire Department received an emergency call…

Jeonju City’s Deokjin Fire Department. | Jeonbuk Times

… about a Korean man in his 20s, losing his left hand in a “bombing” incident at an apartment complex. Further investigation revealed that the man had initially visited this residential building with a homemade explosive, wrapped in aluminum foil…

| SBS News

… to launch a revengeful attack on a Korean woman, whom he had a crush on for years. Police reports shared, “When the woman repeatedly turned him down, he decided to threaten her with whatever chemical concoction he created.

Picture unrelated to the incident. | Freepik

At the scene on the day of the crime, however, when the man ran into the woman’s father coming out of the unit located on the second floor, he rushed up another flight of stairs to the third floor — where the explosive went off and inflicted a serious wound on the man’s left hand.

A typical apartment staircase. | Neonet

Authorities believe the man purchased the materials for the homemade explosive from the internet. They have gathered the remaining debris from the incident and are looking into how and why he put the bomb together.

Jeonju City’s Deokjin Police Department. | News1

Meanwhile, the news has Korean netizens doing a double take. As they wait for more information, netizens are pressing for heavier sentences on crimes against women, like stalking, assaulting, and even bombing.

Looks like karma got to him first. But he better not get off easy because of the injury. Justice still needs to be served. When will they understand no means no?

— Netizen

Source: Newsis and THEQOO
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