Korean Matchmaking Expert Spills The Truth About Matchmaking Services In Korea, And What K-Drama “Remarriage And Desires” Actually Gets Right

Here’s how they really work.

Park Soo Kyung, CEO of one of the major matchmaking agencies in Korea, broke down some scenes from Netflix‘s popular new K-Drama Remarriage And Desires, spilling some interesting details about what the show gets right and what it gets wrong.

Kim Hee Seon as Seo Hye Seung in “Remarriage And Desires” | Netflix

While arranged marriages and matchmaking are not as common in Korea anymore, Park Soo Kyung suggests that matchmaking is still popular and still very much a profitable business. According to her, her company boasts a success rate of 40%.

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And interestingly enough, it is usually men who sign up for matchmaking services.

While she touched on many different aspects of what matchmaking services entail, one particularly interesting detail was how much a membership actually costs, since Remarriage And Desires suggests that it can go up to a whopping 200 million Korean won.

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When asked how much a membership costs in real life, Park Soo Kyung clarified that there are no matchmaking agencies in Korea that charge that much. Instead, the agencies make their profit from ‘success’ fees, which can go up to an impressive 100 million won.

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She also clarified that expensive memberships don’t actually mean that one will be matched with a wealthy partner. Rather, matches are made between people of the same category, regardless of their membership status.

It is, however, mostly possible to be matched with a partner who meets the client’s specifications—as long as they’re not too extensive. The issue with having really specific demands is that it seriously reduces the potential options, meaning Park Soo Kyung often advises her clients to give up some of their conditions.

Overall, matchmaking in Korea remains popular enough that Park Soo Kyung claims she is even seeing similar services become more common in Western countries!

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