Korean Media Lists 3 Reasons Why You Need To Pay Attention To INFINITE Woohyun’s Comeback

Stay tuned for his new album release!

INFINITE Woohyun’s solo comeback is just one day away. He will release his fourth mini album, With, on October 19 and return to his global fans. This album is his first album release in two years and five months, and an official new start to activities since being discharged from the military last August.

Let’s take a look at three reasons we should be excited for this comeback!

1. Breakthrough transformation, the start of a new sequence

In the new album teaser content, Woohyun focused his attention with styling that showed off his charm, including intense red hair and see-through clothing. Albums Write.. and Second Write.., which contains emotional vocals, and A New Journey, which earned him the title of “all-round vocalist”, along with a fancy performance, is a completely different transformation through the start of this new sequence.

As it his first comeback in a long time, he actively offered opinions in the overall aspects of this album, such as hair style and clothes, in order to show various different sides to him. This album, in which he put in more passion and effort in than ever, is expected to prove a successful comeback.

2. An undeniably “soft sexy” charm

The title track, “Between Calm and Passion”, is a dreamy R&B pop genre featuring a heavy bass line and a simple yet sentimental beat. In addition, it depicts the intense love and deep inner thoughts as a result of “passion disguised as coldness”.

With this track, he goes one step further from “deep passion” and offered a relaxed atmosphere mixed with “restrained coolness’”. This track is expected to give listeners an irresistible attraction to him.

3. Infinite growth+explosion of musical competence

He has filled the various emotions of love with his unique sensibility and delicate vocals for this album. Aside from the title track, this album contains a total of six tracks in various genres, that are expected to prove Woohyun’s limitless music spectrum. His fourth mini album, With, will release on October 19 at 6 PM KST.

Source: newsen