Korean Media Picks K-Pop Idol Rappers That Have Gained Attention For Their Unexpected Vocal Talents

Rappers are revealing their various talents.

According to media news outlet Newsen, they listed several K-Pop singing idol rappers that have gained the spotlight recently.

Recently on MBC’s Hangout with Yoo, Simon Dominic showed off unexpected charms through his singing. He shocked the public with his vocal skills during the blind test for Yoo Jae Suk’s male project group MSG Wannabe. This blind test gave Simon Dominic the opportunity to show off his voice to the public.

Although singing-rap has also received a lot of love, the position of vocal and rap have always been distinct in idol groups. But with the growing number of idol rappers that can also sing, they are able to show off their versatility.

ASTRO’s Rocky also showed off his vocal skills through MBC’s King of Masked Singer. Although his position in the group is rapper and dancer, he also writes and produces music along with singing.

Rocky is not the first singing idol rapper to appear on the show. Former FIESTAR’s Yezi also appeared on the how and shocked viewers with her vocal talents.

INFINITE’s rapper Dongwoo performed “Reunion in Memories” (original song by Cho Yong Pil), which started slowly before gradually adjusting the tempo, making it a heartbreaking song. His soft yet cool tone with a mixture of small vibratos was enough to make everyone wonder if he was a rocker.

Although he did not appear on King of Masked Singer, BTOB’s rapper Lee Min Hyuk once sang vocal Yook Sung Jae’s part and received much attention. Having a rapper fill in for a vocalist is pretty rare, but with Lee, he had been taking vocal lessons since before debut.

With more and more idol rappers revealing their other talents, the fine line between rapper and vocal are slowly beginning to fade.

Source: newsen
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