Korean Mom’s Reunion With Her Son After 40 Years Goes Viral On TikTok

Get your tissues ready.

A TikTok by user @thekoreanmama is making everyone emotional! The video showcases her reunion with her first son after 40 years.

On the plane, she shares the strange and exciting feeling she has. However, the story soon delves into her and he son’s past.

She was originally married and gave birth to a son. However, when the marriage soon ended, she believed the son would have a better life with the father, so she gave up custody.

The son’s family then completely blocked the mom out of his life and rejected their attempts to reconnect with each other. When the father passed away, an auntie she kept in touch with was able to help reconnect the mom and son by giving them each other’s phone numbers.

Learning that he lives in LA, the mom and her second son went to meet him. This would be the second son’s first time meeting his older brother, while the mom hasn’t seen him in 40 years.

The video shows the emotional moments before she meets him at the airport as she travels with her luggage to meet him.

She shares her heart is racing as she enters the room with her son…

…and embraces him for the first time in decades. The two hold hands as they begin a new chapter in each other’s lives.

Watch the full emotional reunion below!


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