Korean Mother Runs 9-Year-Old Boy Over With Her SUV For “Picking On Her Daughter”

Netizens are outraged by the details of what happened.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of violence that may disturb some readers.

On May 25, 2020, a Korean woman with a now-private Instagram @xxsu.ji shared a shocking CCTV footage…

… of a white SUV running over a boy on a bike while making a right turn. @xxsu.ji explained, “The boy in this video is my one and only younger brother.” According to the caption that followed, the SUV “hit [the boy] on purpose” — after “he got into a small argument with [the driver’s daughter].”

The full CCTV footage shared by @xxsu.ji 

The boy in this video is my one and only younger brother. He (who is in 2nd grade) got into a small argument with a girl “B” at the playground. B’s mother followed my brother on his bike and ran him over with her vehicle. In this process, she crossed the double solid lines and crashed into my brother in a school zone…

— Instagram @xxsu.ji

Also shown in other clips from different angles, which immediately went viral for the pure gruesomeness of its nature, the SUV does not slow down as it turns the corner and swivels into the boy.

Witnesses have shared that the SUV never braked to slow down… You’ll see in the CCTV footage that the car shakes as it accelerates over my brother’s bike and leg… The mother never said sorry or asked if he’s okay. In fact, another witness called 911 for my brother. Can you imagine what would have happened if the bike fell to the left, in front of the car? This is attempted murder. I cannot believe a woman who has a child of her own would think to do something like this…

— Instagram @xxsu.ji

Right after the accident, the 9-year-old boy can be seen getting up but looking shocked, scurrying in pain.

My brother said she got off the car and didn’t seem surprised. She asked him, ‘Why did you hit my daughter?’ instead of ‘Are you okay?’ She also didn’t call the ambulance. He also said that he had a feeling that the car would hit him before it all happened.

— The boy’s older sister’s interview

Further investigation by the boy’s family revealed another CCTV footage of the playground capturing the boy pushing the shoulder of a 5-year-old girl. The boy shared that he “got upset when the girl kept speaking to [him] rudely, even after [he] asked her to stop.”

Children’s playground | Picture unrelated

When the 5-year-old girl began crying after being pushed, the girl’s mother came over and began scolding the boy for 10+ minutes. When the boy grew frightened by the hostility, he tried to bike away to his parents for help — who worked in a store nearby.

The girl’s mother then followed him in her SUV. Reportedly, the dashboard camera in this vehicle proved that she in fact meant to “go after” the boy — as she continuously tells the boy to pull over. When he didn’t stop, she rammed into him.

A typical Korean school zone | Picture unrelated

The boy has since been hospitalized — and is said to show signs of trauma from the accident. Meanwhile, the girl’s mother insisted that though she did follow the boy, the crash had not been intentional. The police are looking further into the details of the case.

Korean netizens are thoroughly outraged. They are hopeful, however, that the recently-passed Minshik’s Law — which maximizes penalties for car accidents that happen within the school zone — will be able to bring reasonable penalties to the whole tragedy.

  • “If you drive, you know this. You can’t miss a bike. And when you hit something, you feel it — so you brake. But she sped up and pushed him over. She didn’t brake. She kept going. She’s lucky the bike wheel saved the boy’s leg. Of course this was on purpose. I hope Minshik’s Law plays into this. She may have lost it for a second over her daughter… but she’s about to lose a lot more than she could’ve imagined.”
  • “No matter how I try to see this… She’s a crazy b*tch.”
  • “Wow… So she ran the boy over…? I hope she pays for everything she did.”
  • “What the f*ck. Yes, the boy may have been mean to the girl… but for an adult to get involved by running him over with a car? This is attempted murder. I feel horrible for the boy. This breaks my heart.”
  • “As soon as the bike fell and the boy disappeared from her sight, she should have stopped. Who knows what she’s running over? But the fact that she decided to drive over whatever is under her car… Can you imagine what would’ve happened if the bike fell to the left — in front of the car? And she kept going anyway? It could have killed the boy, if not completely disabled him. This is attempted murder for sure.”
  • “Just look at the CCTV. You see the wheel turning toward the boy. It’s 100% the driver’s fault. Even when you hit a person at the crossroad, if your wheels are turned toward the person, they rule it as the driver’s fault. So…”
  • “She definitely meant to hit the boy. She turns the handle! She better have her driver’s license cancelled.”

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Source: NamuWiki and THEQOO (1) and (2)