Korean Navy SEAL Soldier Making Constant Headlines For His Handsome Idol-Like Visuals

Netizens are fully obsessed!

Channel A‘s show, Steel Troop has been garnering attention for its unique plotline. The variety program centers around different military troops throughout South Korea, in which they engage in different survival missions. This competition show features soldiers from the army, navy, air force, and other military units to test their physical and mental strength during their time on the program. While the show premiered only a month ago, one soldier, in particular, has been capturing the attention of viewers.

Poster of “Steel Troop” | Channel A

Yook Joon Suh is a Navy SEAL and is a part of the South Korean Underwater Demolition Team (UDT.) While his impressive title is more than enough to flutter hearts, his impressively handsome visuals are starting to gain traction throughout the nation.

Navy SEAL Yook Joon Suh | Channel A

The 24-year-old has been sweeping the nation with his attractive looks, with many netizens falling head-over-heels for his rugged visuals. Don’t let his good looks fool you, however, as that’s not all he possesses. While he may currently be active as a Navy SEAL/UDT, his actual occupation is listed as an artist and painter.

Painting by Yook Joon Suh | @yu6ku/Instagram

As if his looks weren’t enough, he has the talent to boot. While viewers may only see his face once a week for Steel Troop, he shares many photos of himself on his personal Instagram page for all of his followers.

| @6dory/Instagram

Many netizens have been loving his appearance on Steel Troop and have expressed their desire for the Navy SEAL to become an actual celebrity within the entertainment industry after the show concludes.

| @6dory/Instagram

You can watch Yook Joon Suh every Tuesday on Channel A for his feature on Steel Troop.

Source: Insight and WikiTree