Korean Netizens Express Outrage Over ENHYPEN’s “New” Choreography For “Bite Me”

What are your thoughts on the “new” choreography?

Korean fans criticized ENHYPEN‘s “fixed” choreography.


Recently, Korean fans voiced their opposition to the choreography for ENHYPEN’s “Bit Me.” Many fans were critical of the group’s sexy concept and the use of female dancers.

ENHYPEN fans groaning at the pair choreography with the woman dancers.


Despite international fans defending the group, the issue has quickly become one of the biggest issues among Korean K-Pop fans, with some fans even resorting to sending a protest truck to voice their opposition.

Protest truck | theqoo

Following this, on May 25, an online post went viral. The post titled “ENHYPEN’s Newly Corrected Ending Direction” was viewed over 77K times as of this writing.

In the post, the author uploaded screenshots of the ending choreography from before and after the controversy was first brought to light.

Choreography before |
Choreography after | theqoo

The author then noted that all that had changed from before was that the dancers, rather than looking down, now looked directly at the camera.

The choreography was changed to show the dancers, who originally looked down, now all looking straight at the camera.

— Netizen

Korean netizens criticized the group’s agency and alleged that the slight change was the agency’s way of pushing back at the protest.

  • “Seriously, what is that label doing?”
  • “This isn’t even noise marketing, LOL. Doing that won’t make fans listen to them. Rather, it will make fans leave.”
  • “Are they really having a power struggle with fans?”
  • “HYBE is having another power struggle with fans. What is their problem, seriously? It’s not like fans are asking them to re-record something, but asking the choreography for back dancers to be altered, which isn’t difficult. So why are they doing this? I hope they get cursed out.”
  • “Wrong move.”
  • “Huh? Why did they change it (like this? For what?”
  • “This is a power struggle.”
  • “I clicked on this post thinking they had made changes, but it has gotten worse. Fans must be so pissed…”
  • “Wow, a power struggle.”
  • “The new ending sucks. It was better before.”
  • “I thought the choreo was changed for the better, but what is this? LOL. I’m not a fan of ENHYPEN, but I bet fans would be so mad.”

What are your thoughts?


Source: theqoo
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