ENHYPEN Fans Send Protest Trucks To Call For The Removal Of The Choreography With Female Dancers In “Bite Me”

Netizens feel for the fans.

In light of the recent comeback for ENHYPEN’s “Bite Me,” the response to the use of female dancers during the chorus has been mixed. While many rejoiced at the “2nd generation vibes” to the choreography and the new, sexy concept, others felt that the paired dance might not be appropriate for the current generation. In the 4th generation where fans have grown more sensitive, concerned fans worried that it might prevent new fans from entering the fandom, as well as tarnish the current fandom and image of the idols.

The paired choreography features a member and a female dancer interacting closely but professionally. The artistic moves reflect the overall vampire concept well.

A select group of fans have sent protest trucks to the company to call for the removal of the choreography.

| theqoo

The trucks ask for the choreography to be removed from the song, claiming that it only served to deter ENHYPEN’s growth

Belift Lab who made a fool out of the waiting fans. The company that deters the future of the artist. The company that doesn’t have any will to grow. The label under HYBE that has the least power.

— Truck

| theqoo

The perpetrator who causes fans to leave, Belift Lab. Remove the choreography with the female dancers completely. Only put the seven members on stage.

— Truck

In response to the news, netizens feel that while fans could definitely not feel happy about the choreography, a truck might have been taking it too far.

| theqoo
  • Just what was the choreography even for?
  • Which fandom would like this? It isn’t even a special stage or something.
  • The dancers must be annoyed.
  • Honestly from a third party perspective, this does seem a little like they are acting up but if my idol had a comeback after a long time and this happened, I wouldn’t like it either.
  • As a third party, a truck is too much. Am I the weird one for feeling like that?
  • I pity the dancers.
  • Hwaiting to the fans. As a third party it would look like they’re acting up but have you even heard the screams of the fans regarding that performance?
  • Fans would indeed not like it.

Of course, this does not reflect the opinion of the entire fandom. Others have condemned the fans who chose to send the truck, undermining the hard work of the members and dancers.


Source: theqoo


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