Korean Netizens Disappointed With Taylor Swift’s Alleged Relationship With Matthew Healy But It’s Not What You Think

But the reason is not what you might be thinking.

Being a global popstar, it’s no surprise that Taylor Swift has the entire world keeping tabs on her whereabouts. Her reported breakup with her long-time boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, recently became a hot topic on Korean forums. But the latest speculations of her new relationship with singer Matthew Healy have gotten heated reactions from netizens in Korea.

Matthew Healy, or Matty Healy, as he is better known, is the lead vocalist and guitarist of the rock band The 1975According to some recent Hollywood reports, he is speculated to be dating Taylor Swift, and the two also apparently gave each other shoutouts at their recent concerts.

Taylor’s romantic life being under scrutiny is, unfortunately, nothing new. But the reason why Korean netizens disapprove of her recent alleged romantic involvement is not rooted in the usual narrative of her dating too much. Netizens are actually disappointed with Matty Healy because of an unpleasant incident from 2019.

On September 6, 2019, KST, The 1975 performed at the Olympic Hall in Seoul. After the show, Healy posted a mirror selfie, where he could be seen stepping on a national flag of South Korea. The flag had all the band members’ names along with the phrase “The 1975 Live in Seoul.” 

When fans noticed that Healy had his foot on the Taegeukgi, they tried to raise the issue in the comments. But in response, he simply wrote, “It’s quite obviously my flag.” Eventually, he took down the photo but offered no apology whatsoever.

His alleged involvement with Taylor Swift has only opened up the gate of criticism from Korean netizens once again.

| theqoo
  • “I find it funny how Taylor is receiving more hate than a bast*rd who stepped on our flag and had countless racist controversies, LOL.”
  • “Why is he stepping on another country’s flag? Crazy.”
  • “Go off yourself, F*ck-tthew.”
  • “They are just birds of the same feather. Who cares?”
  • “Why is he stepping on our flag? Is he pro-Japan? What the hell?”
  • “F*cking crazy. He’s f*cking rude. Somebody remove this trash.”
Source: theqoo
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