Korean Netizens Dig Up Old Footage Of Ahn Jae Hyun Discussing Housework

They weren’t happy with his sexist attitude.

In the ongoing saga between Goo Hye Sun and Ahn Jae Hyun amid news of their impending divorce, Korean netizens dug up old comments the latter made about helping around the house and they are disgusted by his sexist attitude.

Ahn Jae Hyun shared that at the beginning of his marriage to Hye Sun, it was her that took care of the majority of the household chores. The interviewer then asked whether chores were divided equally in their family, to which he responds, “At first, Goo did a lot of the housework. I just thought, ‘so she’s someone who’s good at cleaning.'”

Goo Hye Sun revealed she no idea why it had to be her who was in charge of the dishes.

He said ‘I’ll help wifey to do her work!’ so I thought, ‘Wait a second, why should it by my work?’

—Goo Hye Sun

The top comments by netizens were in defense of Goo Hye Sun, especially as they felt sympathy toward her mother for the lack of respect shown by Ahn Jae Hyun in handling the situation, with some observing that he was most famous because of his “romanticist” image due to the epic love story with his wife.

1. [+1,331, -36]
This is the reality of marriage. Men would do the dishes from time to time and take the credit for hit, and then are disillusioned into thinking that they are the sweetest men on earth. Also, he was voted as the #1 devoted husband. Me too I was so jealous of Goo Hyesun when I was watching NJTTW but seeing this gives me a wake up call.

2. [+1,025, -25]
Seeing Goo Hyesun’s expression in this interview, I understand why people encourage celibacy. This situation is ridiculous and she looks so hurt… To be honest, it wasn’t the time for them to be talking about house chores back then. It was the time for them to be enjoying their newlywed life and talk to each other to know how to complement each other. That’s why the newly married stage is so important. It’s a time for them to adjust themselves to each other before getting kids.

3. [+960, -36]
Men are seriously so-so

4. [+485, -11]
You can see right away that he fell for Goo Hyesun at first because she looked pretty. Ahn Jaehyun even went to persuade Goo Hyesun’s parents to marry her. No even dating her but marry her? Does he think that marriage is a joke? He already got bored after 3 years of marriage and wants a divorce; no matter what people say about Goo Hyesun being weird or what not, from what I see, Ahn Jaehyun is the one who seems too immature and irresponsible

5. [+453, -10]
The reason why Ahn Jaehyun is famous now isn’t because of NJTTW but because he’s Goo Hyesun’s husband and that he has his romantist image no? Where does this baseless confidence of his come from?

6. [+419, -6]
You men, just think about being in her position. Imagine how you would feel if your wife wanted a divorce and that your mom fainted because of that. Even if he wants to get a divorce, he should stay respectful. Moreover, they were not even at the same level to start with. He went on his knees to beg her mom to marry her even though she was against the marriage at first. She agreed because he said that he would take care of her daughter.

Source: Pann Nate

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