Korean Netizens Furious After Shocking CCTV Footage Exposes Popular Singer’s Car Accident 

“It almost lifted off the ground…”

Recently released CCTV footage of the car accident involving popular Korean singer Kim Ho Jung has sent shockwaves through the online community in South Korea. The video captures the moment Kim’s vehicle collides with a taxi and then drives away, igniting a heated discussion among netizens.

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In popular online forums like TheQoo, users expressed their disbelief and anger at the incident and the manner in which it happened. Many netizens were left stunned by the footage, sharing that the collision was much worse than initially suggested.

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In the video footage released by multiple news channels, Kim’s car is seen straying from the lane and then colliding with a taxi driving the opposite way. The collision was strong enough to cause a big dent in the taxi’s side while also lifting the car up. Immediately after the collision, Kim can be seen fleeing the scene by quickly driving away.

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After seeing the footage, netizens are convinced impairment — be it through alcohol or extreme fatigue — played a role in the collision. Many are suggesting that Kim Ho Jung was indeed intoxicated while driving and lied to the police about it, expressing disbelief that someone could drive in such a reckless manner while sober.

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Meanwhile, others claim if Kim was indeed sober and conscious, he shouldn’t be allowed to drive again as he is clearly not capable of safely doing so.

  • “How can someone do that and just drive off? If it wasn’t because of drinking, it must have been because he was drowsy. How is that even possible?”
  • “The car didn’t just cross the center line; it almost lifted off the ground. And he just drove away???”
  • “The accident is bigger than I thought…?!”
  • “If he drove like that without drinking, he should never drive again. But it must have been because of drinking…”
  • “How can someone run into another car like that if sober? And then to try putting it on his employee…”
  • “If it wasn’t because of drinking, then it was either drowsiness or being distracted… But if it wasn’t a DUI, then why would he have run off?”
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| TheQoo
Source: TheQoo
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