Korean Netizens Are In An Uproar Over Former IZ*ONE Member Honda Hitomi’s Treatment On AKB48’s Live Show

No winners in this game

Former IZ*ONE member Hitomi Honda‘s treatment while on a Japanese variety show has Korean fans aghast.

Honda Hitomi

Japanese variety shows are notorious for being off-kilter and eclectic.

Japanese Game Show | Reddit

Even with that being said, fans say those behind AKB 48‘s live show crossed the line. In a Korean online community, a post titled “This Is How Hitomi Honda’s Been Doing” has gone viral.

Hitomi Honda | @10_hitomi_06/Instagram

There were pictures of the idol looking uncomfortable while a man was coming toward her while sticking out his behind.

Hitomi Honda

This was part of an episode of AKB48’s live show, which aired on April 3. The idol who allowed the man closest to her face would be the winner.

Japanese game show | Wikitree

Though Hitomi stopped the man from getting very close, other members did not.

Japanese game show | Wikitree

Korean fans flooded the comments writing they felt terrible and angry for Hitomi.

Come back to Korea Hitomi


Fans can’t help but compare her current treatment to fellow Japanese member and new Lesserafim member, Sakura Miyawaki.

Sakura Miyawaki | @39saku_chan/Instagram

Korean netizens wrote, “I feel bad for her,” “Why would they do that to a young woman?”, “Why would they put her through that?”, “Why is Japan so unevolved?”, Who is behind this?”, “Why are her talents being wasted there” and more.

Source: Wikitree