Korean Netizens Laugh Over Japanese Media’s Failed Attempt At “Playing Dispatch” In LE SSERAFIM Chaewon’s “Dating Reveal”

“I am so embarrassed for them.”

Korean netizens are not convinced by the photo evidence released by the Japanese news outlet, Shūkan Bunshun, alleging LE SSERAFIM’s Chaewon is dating a former rapper.

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Previously, Japanese news outlet Shūkan Bunshun made headlines in Korea when on January 17, it teased that it would be releasing dating photos of a world-famous K-Pop star.

Japanese media outlet claims they have the dating photos of a K-Pop idol and will release them on January 18. | Shūkan Bunshun

Korean netizens had a mixed response to the news. Many netizens were confused as to why the news outlet would cover K-Pop artists, while others  wondered if the K-Pop idol’s partner was Japanese.

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  • “Is the K-Pop idol dating a Japanese person?”
  • “Is the partner Japanese?”
  • “But this really doesn’t make sense, LOL. They really have a lot of interest in our nation… It would be like if Dispatch released a Japanese celebrity’s dating news… It’s weird AF.”
  • “It must be an idol who is popular in Japan.”
  • “Is (the idol) dating a Japanese person?”
  • “I guess the Japanese aren’t interested in their own celebrities.”

Then on January 18, as promised, the Japanese news outlet released an article alleging a K-Pop idol was dating a former rapper. The idol in the article was none other than LE SSERAFIM’s Chaewon. The news outlet released an alleged photo of the idol with a former rapper as evidence.

Netizens, however, were not impressed by the photo. Many fans were quick to debunk the photo as edited, comparing it to another photo of Chaewon and fellow member Sakura.

Aren’t the photos edited together?

— @0502ha_ha/Twitter

Also, shortly after the article was published, both HYBE and the former rapper in the photo denied the allegations. The alleged former rapper would admit that he edited the photos together.

Conversation between alleged Rapper “A” and netizen | Wikitree
  • Rapper A: “It really isn’t true.”
  • Netizen: “But they said they were going to release 7 pictures hourly.”
  • Rapper A: “Who did? The photo was edited together.”
  • Netizen: “I think the article said so. Huh? It’s edited?”
  • Rapper A: “Yeah, I’m just a normal fan. It’s Japan, so…”
  • Netizen: “That’s crazy. So you’re acknowledging they’re fake?”
  • Rapper A: “It’s not like I can contact anyone.”

Korean netizens criticized the Japanese news outlet and laughed off the dating allegations. Many stated they were embarrassed for the news outlet, whose article has now gone viral worldwide.

| theqoo
  • “I am so embarrassed for them.”
  • “Did they make all that fuss over fake edited photos? If it was me, I’d close shop out of embarrassment.”
  • “(Chaewon) should sue them for damages. Let’s go!”
  • “How pitiful. What are they doing with edited photos? LOL. Are they trying to be funny?”
  • “WTF is Shūkan Bunshun doing? I was so nervous a revealing photo might be released, but it’s just an edited selfie. Wow, LOL. I’m at a loss for words.”
  • “WTF, LOL.”
  • “Wow, it’s edited? LOL, are they trying to be funny? LOL.”

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