Aespa’s NingNing Will Be A Mentor On A Chinese Audition Survival Show But Koreans Are On The Fence About The Decision

Some are defending her choice.

Aespa’s NingNing will soon be entering the Chinese entertainment industry. As she is of Chinese nationality herself, this is not a surprising move. She will be a mentor on the survival reality show, The Next Stage 2023.

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This is NingNing’s first appearance on a Chinese show since her debut. Many people from the Korean public were apprehensive about her entry into the Chinese market due to past cases where Chinese members end up focusing more on their career in China and ultimately leave the group.

Even so, many are defending her choice, citing that NingNing has been promoting loyally in Korea.

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  • I feel like NingNing gets cursed out more than other Chinese idols even though she has not even uploaded anything in support of One China. The kids who have uploaded things to support One China are still promoting fine in Korea.
  • Even idols that have merely debuted for a few years can still go on such shows and become mentors… Mentors mean a leader and a teacher… They should’ve picked someone with more experience.
  • Seems like people begin by picking on her. This happened with the news of her Weibo account too.
  • Kids, they said that our country’s idols can go on Chinese broadcast starting from this year. It was even officially announced that Jay Park will be on that rip-off of Show Me The Money. Of course they would hire NingNing as a mentor. Her nationality doesn’t create any issues in the first place.
  • [The company] has already been had so many times, but they’re still like this. Isn’t it almost 100% for sure with idols from that country?
  • If NingNing earns money there, SM Entertainment will earn too… Why are you picking on her so much? The company probably got the schedule for her.

The Next Stage has not yet begin production but will air some time in 2023.


Source: theqoo