“Wonyoung Sounds So Good” — Korean Netizens React To IVE’s New Song “Off The Record”

They’re coming back!

IVE recently made a comeback with their title track, “Off The Record.” The girls sing about wanting more in a relationship, craving the type of intimacy that warrants late night conversations.

The chill beat is a little mor relaxed than their previous title tracks, which focus more on danceability. A montage shows the girls spying on other people, and enjoying their time. Liz looks gorgeous against a green field.

Gaeul stunned with smoky eye makeup as she primps in the mirror, only to turn and witness a couple kiss.

Wonyoung wears a protective helmet as she snaps away using a camera with telephoto lens.

Rei stumbles into a tree and falls backwards.

Yujin has fun in an abandoned shopping complex.

Leeseo prays fervently in her room and sheds some tears.

The song was highly enjoyed by the public, with many netizens expressing their enjoyment of the song. They praised Wonyoung for helping the song come alive, as well as Yujin’s visuals. They were stunned at Leeseo’s acting skills, and Gaeul’s new style. Liz and Rei leave nothing to desire with their vocal color.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • It’s good. Wonyoung helps the song come alive.
  • The song is so good.
  • The song is good. My taste is more of IVE’s exciting, sparkly, flashy dance songs, so I’m waiting for the last song.
  • It’s good.
  • The song is good. It’s on repeat for me.
  • This song is good. The more I listen to it, the better it gets.
  • It’s good for a light listen. Gaeul’s expressions and gaze has gotten a lot better.
  • It’s good.

IVE will be releasing triple-titles, with the first being “Either Way,” and “Off The Record” being the second. We can’t wait for the last one to be out! Watch “Off The Record” below in the meantime.

Source: Theqoo