“XO, Kitty” Lee Sang Heon Is Blowing Up Internationally But Here’s What Koreans Think Of Him

Here’s how his popularity is in his home country.

Actor Lee Sang Heon has been facing a huge increase in popularity lately, given his role as Min Ho in XO, Kitty. The series has become an overnight hit amongst international audiences, topping Netflix charts in multiple countries.

Lee Sang Heon in XO, Kitty. | Netflix

The star plays the frenemy-turned-love interest to the female lead, Kitty. Although he frequently teased her at first, he soon falls for our spunky heroine.

Lee Sang Heon in XO, Kitty. | Netflix

He might not have won Kitty’s heart (yet) but he’s certainly scored big time with the viewers. Internationally, he’s a huge hit, with his Instagram reaching a million followers in just four days of the series’ launch.

How is he faring with Korean fans? Firstly, they love his dynamic with co-star Gia Kim, who is actually his blood-related older sister.

Lee Sang Heon and Gia Kim.

After I found out about this, the drama became even more perfect.

β€” yeah_mazayo

They are also melting due to his hot British accent and low voice.

I think I’m going to melt at Min Ho’s (Lee Sang Heon) voice…

β€” cerlubluu_

He’s stealing all their hearts and becoming everyone’s ideal type.

Who wants to fangirl/boy over Lee Sang Heon with me?

β€” imaisnus

Not only fans, but Korean netizens are also jumping on the bandwagon.

| theqoo
  • Oh my, how good.
  • Oh, I want to watch it now.
  • He reminds me of Dex. (Jin Young from Single’s Inferno)
  • But it’s so fascinating how they are siblings but have different last names.
  • His visuals are the type to be in demand…
  • Wow, I suddenly became interested.
  • When is Season 2 coming out?
  • He has Felix vibes, both his looks and his voice.

We absolutely can’t wait for the next season too! Currently, there is no news of a series renewal yet, but with how popular it is, we’re sure it’ll come soon!

Source: theqoo

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