Korean Netizens React Positively To Red Velvet And Irene’s First Appearance On Broadcast Since Her Past Controversy

Many are calling for it to stop.

Red Velvet‘s appearance on SM Entertainment‘s free live stream concert recently was a hot topic as it was the first time many were seeing the group on broadcast since Irene‘s past controversy.

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Irene has already apologized for the matter, and many seem to be ready to move past it. In response to their VOD appearance, here’s what they had to say.

  • Honestly you guys would f*cking deny this but it seems like Irene got prettier.
  • So what, if she got uglier you guys would criticize her?
  • What else do you have to criticize her for? Stop it…
  • No matter how nugus criticize her, Irene is successful.
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Red Velvet also received praise for their outfits and style on stage.

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One netizen pointed out that the viewership was the highest during Red Velvet’s stages.

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The comments read as the following.

  • Everyone was just curious as to how Irene was doing. Would they be watching because they like her kk
  • As expected, only pann criticizes Red Velvet kk
  • Pann girls are all crying kk There’s nothing to criticize them about.
  • No matter how much you guys go on about the controversy, Red Velvet will be successful. To be honest, it’s not like pann girls only criticize them for the controversy. If you guys only did that then I wouldn’t say a thing but you guys have been whining about her smile lines, her body and other stuff like that so I ended up supporting her instead. No matter how much pann girls criticize Irene, Red Velvet is making a comeback soon so they’ll only have successful days ahead.
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With the support of the public, Red Velvet’s comeback is sure to be a hit.

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