A Stylist And Editor Uploaded A Post Criticizing A Female Idol Suspected To Be Red Velvet’s Irene – Here’s Why Fans Think It’s False

Fans brought up past evidence of Irene’s kind behavior.

Stylist and editor, identified as “A”, recently uploaded a post on his Instagram that targeted an unnamed female idol. However, netizens have been speculating it to be Red Velvet‘s Irene.

The stylist, who had been working in the industry for 15 years, criticized the idol for her poor manners and behavior that even led him to burst out in tears.

Although the post has since been deleted, it had been tagged with the hashtags “#psycho” and “#monster”, leading netizens to believe it was about a Red Velvet member.

Today, I found myself in the position of an “eul” (person in a subordinate position to “gap”) and got thoroughly stepped on by someone. Even before I met her, other people told me that I needed to be mentally prepared to meet her.

Today, I was at the brunt of her electric needles and lost my words. I stood still as if my hands, feet, and brain were tied up. I became a fool as I could not do anything in front of someone that was looking at me with such distaste while shuddering. I was hit endlessly by the knives she threw out with her tongue, and so I cried. I couldn’t be bothered with caring about who I was in front of. I just couldn’t contain my tears. #psycho #monster

— Stylist “A”

It was also discovered that “A” had deleted a previous post that had complimented Irene and Seulgi. “A” had also deleted past posts and stories that recommended Red Velvet songs to his followers. An accumulated amount of alleged evidence led netizens to believe that his recent post was targeted at Irene.

The deleted post from 4 years ago. | Star Today

In light of the controversy, fans began bringing up proof that Irene is a kind person with a good character. As an example of her kind personality towards her staff and colleagues, fans recalled how Irene previously gave out expensive presents to Red Velvet’s back up dancers.

Irene gave vitamins to her dancers. | @crimson_dy21/Twitter

Irene also recently gave all her dancers a pair of AirPod Pros, complete with cases, after promotions for I&S‘s “Monster” ended.

| @garnet_seulki/Instagram

She also is well-known for taking care of her juniors. She sent NCT 127 rice bowls for their recent promotions as well as for their Neo City concert.

Irene is also known for always stopping in front of her fans to sign autographs, no matter how rushed and crowded the situation is.

| @cataaa21/Twitter

Fans are saying that there is no way a person like that would act out of character to a stylist. The stylist in question has yet to give updates on the situation, despite deleting the post. SM Entertainment has also not yet spoken up on the matter.

Update: SM Entertainment and Irene have spoken up about the issue.

Source: Star Today

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