Korean Netizens Reveal Their Thoughts About Red Velvet As A Four Membered Group Without Irene

Netizens claim the remaining members will be fine on their own.

Ever since Red Velvet Irene‘s controversy for her past behavior, online communities have been pushed into a dilemma regarding her presence in the group. Recently, a number of Korean netizens have been supporting a 4-member Red Velvet, calling for her exit.

A popular post on an online community explains that the 4 remaining members get along better without Irene, and listed a number of “evidence” to back their claims.

Their first point was that Seulgi and Wendy are known for being extremely close. Wendy had once gifted Seulgi with a “Forever Friends Certificate”.

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Joy is also known to look out for Wendy, often joining her live broadcasts to leave encouraging comments. Even before Wendy’s accident, Joy was seen telling Wendy to take care of herself.

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  • “I love you, Wendy”
  • “Your throat will get hurt.”
  • “I’ll get mad if you get hurt.”
  • “I need you, unnie.”

The group also pointed out how the three girls constantly baby the maknae, Yeri.

Joy commenting “Aigoo, a baby” on Yeri’s Instagram post. | pann

Joy also constantly confesses her love for her members, such as when she left a comment saying “Seulgi unnie, I love you” on a picture of them together.

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Wendy also made sure to snap a quick photo of Yeri’s promotional poster in a makeup store and send it to her like a proud mama.

Netizens’ encouragement of a 4-member team without Irene was furthered by an account that alleged that Irene did not visit Wendy at the hospital following her accident.


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  • “Seungwan is doing well. On the day of the Gayo Festival, Seulgi, Yerim and Sooyoung came to the hospital and watched the festival together.”
  • “On that live stream day, everyone came but Irene.”
  • “Joy only presses like on all of Wendy’s photos.”
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  • “Sigh. The kids update Instagram daily but recently they haven’t been able to.”
  • “But I hope SM doesn’t cast Red Velvet aside just because they’re coming out with a rookie girl group. I don’t think they’ll make Irene quit but fans would want to see Red Velvet promote as a group even though they have many solo promotions… Of course, they will invest the most in their rookies but still…I hope Red Velvet officially has a comeback.”
  • “Joy is so lovely. I don’t see why she had those weird rumors.”
  • “I’m from a different fandom but I feel like crying. For real, the other 4 are really kind. If Irene has a sensitive personality regularly, the other 4 would have suffered. They have so many good members that it would be a pity if the group collapsed due to one person. Have strength, fans. The 4 will do well.”

Aside from the argument against Irene, her past behaviors towards her members have also been highlighted once again. Netizens compared two incidents, where Irene was once allegedly bothered by Wendy waving a hand close to Irene’s face, and another where she seemed to bump into Joy and did not apologize.

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In the first incident, Wendy later appeared to wave with the hand further from Irene. Fans argue that Irene seemed to smirk after registering Wendy’s actions.

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SM Entertainment has not yet expressed their official stance on the group. Irene has also since personally apologized for her past actions.

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