Red Velvet’s Joy Receives Hateful Comments Online Following Irene’s Recent Controversy

They are spreading hate to other members.

Red Velvet Irene’s recent controversy about a stylist criticizing a female idol online regarding her attitude has caused the hate to spread to other members including Joy.

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Although SM Entertainment released an official statement regarding this matter revealing that they feel responsible for this incident, it hasn’t been able to stop the malicious comments towards the other members.

Irene also posted a formal apology through her Instagram account as well as met up with the stylist to apologize for the pain caused by her actions.

Netizens have found many hateful comments on member Joy’s personal Instagram account after the controversy.

  • “Joy, you should be careful of your actions now. I hear Red Velvet members are a bit…except for Seulgi and Wendy. Don’t cause damage to the nice and pure kids and start acting good now.”
  • “Don’t catch the celebrity disease and be good to the people around you.”
  • “I hear you’re just like Irene~~~”

They went on commenting that Joy had was also rude to the staff members and that she better work on her attitude if she didn’t want to end up like Irene.

  • “Sooyoung there’s a lot of talk about you too…please try and be careful ok? If you act like Irene it’s off with your head too^^”
  • “I heard that she gave attitude to the staff members too.”
  • “You’re just like Irene lol I heard Wendy is the only nice one out of Red Velvet?”
  • “Please live good and don’t regret it like someone else did.”

Others are worried about what they read online and asked Joy if it was true.

  • “Unni you’re personality is okay right? There’s a lot of stuff being said about you on isn’t true is it?”
  • “Sooyoung, officials are saying that if you take out Seulgi and Wendy there’s no one good left and to be careful. It isn’t true is it? I always listen to your songs so I’m nervous now.”
  • “There’s gossip about you not having a good attitude…?”

Some even began to bring in other members into the controversy as well.

  • “Yeri, there’s news about you. Please clarify.”
  • “You are just like Irene.”
  • “I hate you and Irene the most.”

Following the controversy, Red Velvet canceled their fan meeting and cosmetic stores have removed Irene’s CLINIQUE model photos.

Source: theqoo

Red Velvet Irene's Attitude Controversy