Cosmetic Stores Remove Red Velvet Irene’s CLINIQUE Model Pictures Following Her Recent Controversy

The brand itself is yet to make any official response to the growing situation.

Back in March 2020, Red Velvet fans got super excited after finding out that Irene will become an official ambassador for the cosmetic brand CLINIQUE Korea. Since then, Irene has been working close with the brand in promoting its beauty products.

Red Velvet’s Irene for CLINIQUE Korea. | @cliniquekorea/Instagram

Though, when the recent exposé regarding her attitude shook the internet, Korea’s largest platforms selling CLINIQUE products reacted quickly — in response to the potential effect her controversy may have on their sales.

Irene’s modeled picture featured in the CLINIQUE section at an Olive Young offline cosmetic store. | @joyofrv/Twitter

Well known cosmetic stores like Olive Young and online shopping mall have since removed all traces of promotional content featuring Irene.

Olive Young’s previous product page for CLINIQUE’s “Cheek Pop”, with Irene’s modeled picture. | INSTIZ

Most CLINIQUE products are now being shown on the websites without using Irene’s modeled pictures.

Olive Young’s updated product page for CLINIQUE’s “Cheek Pop”, without Irene’s modeled picture. | INSTIZ

On Twitter, an alleged conversation between Olive Young part-timers went viral as well — in which they claimed that “[Olive Young] headquarters pushed out the official announcement to remove Irene from all in-store promotional material.”


Twitter User A: The official notice to remove Power Pack model (Irene) went up earlier this evening.
Twitter User B: Oh man… They’re really quick to push out official notices about this kind of thing.

On the contrary, CLINIQUE Korea’s official Instagram account has not yet made any changes to its feed.

CLINIQUE Korea’s official Instagram feed. | @cliniquekorea/Instagram

With the controversy growing, however, some Korean netizens are insisting to boycott the brand as long as its endorsement with Irene remains in tact. They remain convinced that it will not be long before CLINIQUE Korea has to make some sort of a response.

  • “It only makes sense, if you understand the dynamics of how cosmetic models work. No one will want to buy CLINIQUE products if they keep using someone who’s involved in an attitude controversy as the model.”
  • “What a bummer for the brand though. It hasn’t even been that long since they signed the endorsement with Irene. It’s unfortunate for the brand… but their reputation is on the line. CLINIQUE Korea should act quickly…”
  • “The industry is super sensitive to this kind of thing too. The model’s face is the brand’s reputation because it’s make-up. It goes on our faces. I’m not surprised that Olive Young and reacted as quickly and as extremely as they did.”

Meanwhile, another allegation against Irene has surfaced in light of everything going on. Read more about it here:

Former SM Entertainment Trainee Tweets Bullying Allegation Against Red Velvet’s Irene

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Red Velvet Irene's Attitude Controversy