Former SM Entertainment Trainee Tweets Bullying Allegation Against Red Velvet’s Irene

Mone was a trainee for 10 months at SM Entertainment.

A well-known SM Entertainment former trainee, Mone Fukuhara, has tweeted allegations against Red Velvet’s Irene in relation to her recent controversy. It was reported that Mone was at SM Entertainment for about 10 months before moving to JYP Entertainment. She later on left the company after reality survival show, SIXTEEN, concluded. Mone is known to be the same age as Tzuyu and Chaeyoung of TWICE.

Mone Fukuhara with TWICE’s Momo. | theqoo

According to online sources, she was the maknae of the Japanese debut team with JYP Entertainment, the one that Sana and Momo almost debuted in. Screenshots of an old comment by her on YouTube have been circulating. Irene had allegedly bullied her, as Mone claims. Mone was only 14 years old then.

When I was in SM, Joohyun unnie bullied me and Seulgi unnie protected me.

— Mone Fukuhara

| theqoo

In a tweet dated 23 October 2020 (now deleted), Mone personally reiterated the claim.

| joynews24

Mone later on clarified that “bullying” was a wider term, after fans responded to her allegations.

Mone is currently active on YouTube as a beauty creator. Irene has already apologized with regards to the controversy. On the other hand, many stylists have stepped up to debunk the claims of her past behavior, while others have posted against her.

Source: theqoo and joynews24

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