Irene’s Former Stylist Reminds Netizens That There Are Always Two Sides To A Person

“I feel like people forget that while there’s a frontside that everybody can see, there’s a backside that no one knows about.”

In light of Red Velvet‘s Irene‘s recent poor attitude controversy, multiple stylists and editors have come forward to accuse Irene of rude behavior while another fellow stylist refuted the claims with her own story.

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Meanwhile, another former stylist of Irene named Saebom Kwak sympathized with the accusers’ stories while also reminding netizens that there is always more than one side to a person and story.

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Saebom Kwak, who worked with Red Velvet for their “La Rouge” concert, stressed that it’s hard for anyone to know the full story.

As I get older, there’s a saying that I sympathize with and want to remember more and more. ‘The bird of Minerva only flies at dusk.’ It’s an expression about the the symbol of wisdom, Minerva, and it means that it’s hard to understand anything immediately and that you can only make a wise judgment once the day is over at dawn.

— Saebom Kwak

But as someone who worked in the industry, Saebom Kwak also sympathized with the accusers.

As for those who gathered the courage to tell their side of the story, I can understand their stance as someone who had the same profession, even if it’s not fully. As a result, it’s even more pitiful to me, and with one apology, the case has been closed.

— Saebom Kwak

Regardless, Saebom Kwak expressed that there although people come with multiple sides, everybody only sees what they want to see.

But I feel like people forget that while there’s a frontside that everybody can see, there’s a backside that no one knows about. People look at the front side that’s been revealed and don’t get curious about the backside. People only see what they want to see. Up until now, Irene’s frontside was a trustworthy leader and a loyal colleague, but today, her frontside became an idol who has poor attitude.

— Saebom Park

On that note, Saebom Kwak shared the backside that she has experienced while working with Irene.

I want people to be curious about Irene’s backside as well. It wasn’t for long, but the Irene I got to know while working on albums, performances, tours, and advertisements was different from what I hear from the rumors. I find it unfortunate that Irene is involved in this witch-hunt with colleagues she’s worked with for a long time, but I hope everyone remembers that the rest of us haven’t experienced something so dreadful with her.

— Saebom Park

She acknowledged that Irene made a mistake, but she still wishes her the best in her attempt to better herself and grow from the incident.

There are people who were hurt by this, so she did make a mistake. And this is something she has to handle. I hope she overcomes this and grows from it.

— Saebom Park

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