Former SM Stylist Refutes Poor Attitude Claims Made Against Red Velvet’s Irene

She shared her own experience working with Irene.

Ellena Yim, who is a visual director and stylist who used to work for SM Entertainment, refuted the poor attitude claims made against Red Velvet‘s Irene and shared her own experience with the idol.

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A long-time stylist and editor recently claimed that Irene glared and used hurtful words that made her cry, but Ellena Yim, who has worked as Irene’s stylist for Miu Miu claims otherwise.


Ellena Yim questions if the act of expressing one’s dissatisfaction is deserving of such harsh criticism attributed to her character.

Is an artist expressing their discontent to their stylist something that’s deserving of such harsh criticism for “poor attitude” and comparisons to Heather Cho?

— Ellena Yim

According to Ellena Yim, Irene was simply an artist who knew what she wanted and made sure to get her opinions across.

As an editor, an employee of an entertainment company, and a stylist, I’ve done many jobs, and the Irene I’ve met is someone who knows exactly what she wants and has the talent of getting her opinions across.

— Ellena Yim

Ellena Yim stressed that she has never experienced a poor attitude from Irene.

I’ve never experienced a poor attitude from Irene, and I was even touched by her efforts to thank those around her. I’m just kind of shocked that Irene has suddenly ended up at the center of a poor attitude controversy.

— Ellena Yim

Ellena Yim’s account was originally set to private, but it is predicted that she turned it to the public just to post her opinion on Irene’s controversy.

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Park Nae Joo of the famous idol salon, Bit & Boot, who also works with SM artists, liked the post suggesting that she supports Ellena Yim’s counterclaims.

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On the other hand, both Irene and SM Entertainment have released a formal apology for her behavior.

Source: @ellenayim

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