Red Velvet Cancels Fanmeet Following Irene’s Attitude Controversy

They won’t be participating anymore.

Following Irene‘s attitude controversy, it has been revealed Red Velvet‘s upcoming fanmeeting has been canceled.

According to an exclusive report from Herald Pop, Red Velvet expressed their intentions to the organizers of the 2020 Korean Culture Festival that they would ultimately not be attending the event. This follows a day where Irene’s poor attitude was revealed by multiple staff members who work in entertainment industry.

Red Velvet was a global Hallyu ambassador for the 2020 Korean Culture Festival, and it was previously announced they would be holding a surprise online fanmeeting on YouTube Live to celebrate the event. When the controversy initially broke out, the organizers stated that there would be no changes, and the fanmeet would proceed as scheduled, but now the fanmeet status is up in the air.

Irene’s attitude controversy started after a stylist uploaded a post claiming an idol member had a poor attitude when working with her. More staff members corroborated with the stylists’s post, which ultimately led to both SM Entertainment and Irene admitting to the poor attitude. Some netizens tried to find out the cause of the incident blowing up. There were SM staff that agreed with the stylist’s post, but other SM staff defended Irene’s attitude.


Source: Herald Pop

Red Velvet Irene's Attitude Controversy