Here’s All The Insiders That Supported The Post Criticizing Red Velvet’s Irene – And It Includes SM Entertainment Stylists And BLACKPINK’s Staff

One even stepped up to reveal more incidents where Irene’s actions left her upset.

Red Velvet‘s Irene has been swept up in an attitude controversy of late, when an editor and stylist took to Instagram to criticize the young star for being rude. Later on, both SM Entertainment and Irene released statements, apologizing for the incident.

Irene’s apology on Instagram. | @renebaebae/Instagram

However, netizens have yet to cease fire. A particular netizen compiled a list of industry insiders that pressed like in support of the editor’s original Instagram post that criticized Irene.

According to her, the original post was liked by editors from the Korean branches of Vogue, Marie Claire, GQ, Esquire, Allure, BEAUTY+, Singles, and EYESMAG. These are all magazines that have had photoshoots involving Irene as a solo and as part of her group. Photographer Hong Jang Hyun, who often works with top stars such as Jun Ji Hyun, Song Hye Kyo and Han Hyo Joo also supported the post.

Not only did many magazine editors support the claim, it was reported that the previous stylists for Red Velvet and SHINee, as well as BoA‘s current stylist, all pressed like as well. The nail technician who has been in-charge of BLACKPINK since debut, Park Eun Kyung (also known as Nail Unistella) apparently also liked the post.

A different comment left by an unnamed industry insider claimed that she ran into Irene a total of three times during various work. She shared that all times left a bad taste in her mouth due to Irene’s actions. The insider recounts moments including Irene grabbing onto her stylists’ heads for balance as they fitted her shoes while kneeling down, of her flicking her staff’s heads as well as a staff being deathly afraid when she was asked to wake Irene up for a filming.

Netizens are currently calling for the voice recording that the original editor and stylist claims to have of her interaction with Irene. The editor, Kang Kook Hwa, currently has turned off all comment functions on her social media. In her apology, Irene has promised to reflect and be more careful in the future.

Red Velvet Irene's Attitude Controversy

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