Korean Netizens Share Their Thoughts on NMIXX’s Latest Comeback

“This is their best song so far.”

JYP Entertainment girl group NMIXX released their latest single “Love Me Like This” earlier today and netizens rushed to online communities to share their opinions on the group’s release.

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“Love Me Like This” is the title track for NMIXX’s first mini album Expergo. The idol group released six new songs through Expergo, including the title track and the pre-release single “Young, Dumb, Stupid.” While the public opinion on the pre-release single was quite divided, it seems like Korean and international netizens are more united on what they think about the group’s title track.

Before “Love Me Like This,” NMIXX previously released two other singles since debut, “O.O” and “Dice” — both of which stirred up quite a commotion among K-Pop fans.  Due to the irregular nature of the singles, or what the group and company call “MixxPop,” many shared they felt the tracks were “jarring” and “confusing.”

Despite this, there were many who enjoyed the irregularity of the songs and eventually became fans of the group’s unique sound.

Different from their first two singles, “Love Me Like This” feels like NMIXX have decided to move on from their “MixxPop” sound, according to fans. The track, arranged by famous K-Pop producers LDN Noise, was composed by Greg Bonnick, Hayden Chapman, Taet Chesterton, and Gavin Jones. It was released only a few hours ago and has already surpassed 1.4 million views on YouTube, though streaming platforms aren’t the only space netizens are showing their interest in the song.

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A post uploaded on popular community site TheQoo has garnered more than 25,000 views and almost 500 comments. Korean netizens expressed their opinions on the song, with the majority sharing how much they like the song. Some compared it to their past singles and called it their “best song so far”, while others commented on how the music video and choreography are just as good as the song. One netizen even praised the NMIXX members for showing how talented they are by calling them “all-rounders.”

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  • “The song’s good lol I like the MV and its simplicity too”
  • “Wow, the song’s so good??? It’s my favorite one so far lol”
  • “Song’s frickin’ good”
  • “The song’s easy to listen to and the MV is kitschy so I don’t know why there are so many negative comments. I’m not even a fan and I wish them well”
  • “This song is literally my fave wow”
  • “The song and the choreography are so good! But for real, all NMIXX members are all-rounders, they’re all so good”
  • “I didn’t really like their mix-pop so I like this song”
  • “This is their best song so far”
  • “The song’s good, I think they’ll have more synergy when they’re performing on stage”
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Watch the music video for “Love Me Like This” here:

Source: TheQoo