Korean News Outlet Reports Hwang Ha Na Was Close With Burning Sun Management, Witness Saw Her Injecting Drugs

She was seen injecting a form of methamphetamine.

On the April 2nd broadcast of MBC’s News Desk reported on the ongoing case of Hwang Ha Na, the ex-fianceé of JYJ’s Park Yoochun. She is accused of taking drugs and receiving favourable treatment from the police.

They also reported that Hwang Ha Na was a frequent customer of the Burning Sun club and was friends with several members of Burning Sun management. One particular friend of Hwang Ha Na’s has already been arrested for drug-related offences.

An acquaintance of Hwang Ha Na’s revealed to MBC that they saw her injecting Philopon (methamphetamine) with a syringe at a friend’s house. MBC also obtained a video filmed in 2015 which shows Hwang Ha Na swinging her hands around while looking confused. She then begins speaking nonsensically. She is suspected to have been high on drugs in the video.

News Desk also delved into the allegations that Hwang Ha Na has been receiving favourable treatment from the police because of her chaebol connections. A college student named Cho was arrested in 2015 for taking Philopon which Hwang Ha Na allegedly sold her. Hwang Ha Na ended up being acquitted by the prosecution.

A recording of a conversation Hwang Ha Na had with an acquaintance was obtained by News Desk. In the recording she was bragging about her powerful connections in the police:

The chief prosecutor at the Central District Prosecutor’s Office? Hey, my uncle and dad know everyone, even the police chief. They’re best friends.

– Hwang Ha Na

The police are now investigating Hwang Ha Na’s old drug-related charges. Namyang Dairy Products, which Hwang Ha Na’s grandfather founded, denied any connection to Hwang Ha Na in a statement.

Source: MBC