Korean Peninsula Expert Believes North Korea’s Kim Jong Un Has Passed Away

This is just his speculation.

Korean Peninsula expert and chairman of the board of WNPF (The World and Northeast Asia Peace Forum), Jang Sung Min expressed that he believes North Korea’s Kim Jong Un has passed away.


According to Kuki News‘ report, Chairman Jang quoted a source revealing that Kim Jong Un is currently in very serious condition.

Kim Jong Un’s health condition is very serious, and just this morning, the North Korean administration came to the conclusion that it will be impossible for him to recover.

– Chairman Jang Sung Min

When asked about the life or death of Kim Jong Un, the source avoided giving a direct answer and simply answered, “That’s all you need to know.

Chairman Jang interpreted this to mean that they are acknowledging the talks about Kim Jong Un’s passing.

Regarding this matter, Chairman Jang urged, “We have to separate all the risks that the news of his passing will bring and prepare countermeasures fo reach scenario.


He added, “Until Kim Jong Un reappears as North Korea’s executive of state affairs, we have to assume he has passed away and take necessary diplomatic measures.

CNN recently reported, “Kim Jong Un is in critical condition following cardiovascular surgery, and the administration is watching closely,” which gained overwhelming attention all around the world.

A representative of the Blue House stated, “We haven’t observed a unique trend in North Korea. But we’re keeping a close eye on the fact that he didn’t appear on Kim Il Sung’s birthday.

Source: Insight
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