“The Cops Must Be Men Too” — Korean Police Gets Criticized By Netizens For Failing Their Duties After A Woman Gets Punched For Rejecting A Man

The victim sustained broken bones in her face and nose.

A recent case in South Korea is shocking the internet at the moment. Around dawn in early May 2023, in the affluent Apgujeong district of South Korea, a man had been asking a woman for her number.

After she rejected him, he turned around, but as soon as his friend approached, he suddenly hit the girl with a fist. The girl collapsed onto the ground. Another girl tried to stop the man but ended up being threatened by him too. The girls soon called the police.

He asked for my number, if I had a boyfriend, or if we were in a group of three or more. After we politely rejected him, when his friend, whom we didn’t even notice was there before, called out for him, he suddenly just came and punched my face…

— Victim

The victim sustained broken bones in her face and nose and needs 6 weeks of treatment. The victim was unsatisfied with how the police handled the matter.

After I said that he suddenly hit me after we rejected him, the police then dismissed it, saying it was not an unprovoked attack. But there was definitely no reason for him to hit me.

— Victim

Only four days later did the police contact her to tell her that they could not find out his identity. Although the police had met and seen the perpetrator’s friends onsite the day of the attack, as the friends refused to tell the police the perpetrator’s identity, the police said they had no way of finding out who he was. Apart from that, they only started investigations with the victim on May 11, 2023.

More than the perpetrator, netizens are furious with the police.

| theqoo
  • Are the police not able to do their work or do they just not want to? Both, right?
  • F*ck. What are the police doing?
  • There’s so many psychopath police… If they were female officers, they would’ve been cussed out already. I’m so mad at this.
  • Why do the police exist? They’re f*cking not doing their work. I want to be a police too, so I can slack off.
  • This country reaaaaaaaaaaally sucks.
| theqoo
  • They couldn’t catch him because his friends didn’t tell them? F*ck is that something the police should say? LOL.
  • Male policemen are so useless. They’re just taking their salaries for free.
  • Look at the standard of how they deal with things. What are those male policemen really?
  • Is this the legendary “loyalty” we’ve only ever heard about?
  • Is it being unprovoked or provoked really so important? Sigh. How did they become policemen??? I don’t even want to talk about the perpetrator because he’s such a loser ugh. Just go and k*s.

The South Korean police system has been criticized ever since the Burning Sun scandal previously, and it has consistently disappointed the public with its irresponsibility towards such cases concerning women rights and safety.

Source: theqoo

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