Korean Rapper Finds A SEVENTEEN Doll On The Street And Reunites The Doll With Its Carat Owner

He grew attached to it.

A Korean rapper named Choi LB went viral on stan Twitter when he had a cute encounter with a SEVENTEEN doll. He had found a jjoguming doll on the streets. Jjoguming is a popular doll amongst fans that was made in the likeness of Mingyu.

He turned on a live stream to search for the owner. Holding up a piece of note paper, he advertised that “he had found the doll under a street light in the Gongdeok area but did not remember exactly where.”

Choi LB’s stream. | @kidmingyu/Twitter

He even posted on his story about it.

| via @kidmingyu/Twitter

I passed by after seeing it fallen on the streets, but strangely, it kept haunting me, so after about 5 minutes, I came back and picked it up. I came all the way to Gongdeok because of the “keep walking forward” challenge.

— Choi LB

He even made a follow-up after realizing the nature of jjoguming.

| via @kidmingyu/Twitter

This doll seems to be more important than I thought. If you’re the owner, please contact me. I picked it up on the street at Gongdeok. I somehow get the feel that its owner will turn up. Please spread the word!

— Choi LB

The doll was finally reunited with its owner, thanks to the power of social media. Too bad for the rapper, who grew to like the doll in the mean time.

| via @kidmingyu/Twitter

I found the owner. I just got attached to it… but goodbye.

— Choi LB

Choi LB even adorably asked a fan where to make a purchase. It seems like he really liked jjoguming!

| via @kidmingyu/Twitter
  • Fan: LOL please buy one
  • Choi LB: By any chance, if you know about idol culture well, is there a way to buy it? It is not showing up on the internet.
  • Fan: Oh… You can buy it off someone on Twitter. There’s a way!

Hopefully Choi LB gets his own jjoguming soon!


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