Korean Rapper TAKUWA Reveals What Led Him To Undergo Extreme Cosmetic Surgery

The rapper shared his story behind the decision to undergo cosmetic surgery.

Korean rapper, TAKUWA, who made his name known through Mnet‘s Show Me the Money 8, recently took to his Instagram account to share a before and after photo of his cosmetic surgery and revealed the truthful reason why he went through with it.

Along with the before and after photo, TAKUWA opened up about this history before undergoing cosmetic procedures.

I was insecure about my small eyes. Because of it, I was teased a lot, and I suffered a lot of hurt. I don’t judge other people based on their appearance, but I was very dissatisfied with my own appearance. That’s what led me to undergo surgery.


He explained,

What’s interesting is that as soon as I changed my outer appearance, changes began to arise on the inside. My confidence went up, and I started to make choices that suit me in life.


But TAKUWA also stressed,

I’m not trying to encourage or recommend cosmetic surgery to others. I just wanted to share accurate information and provide some distance to think. I just want to have positive influence on those contemplating plastic surgery as well as the cosmetic surgery industry in the long run.


TAKUWA gained fame just last year through his appearance on Show Me the Money 8 and his spectacular collaboration with Queen Wasabi.

Here’s to wishing TAKUWA the best.

Source: Insight