Korean Reporter Is Praised For Consoling Son Heung Min After Korea’s Defeat To Brazil

“We are so proud of you, thank you.”

A Korean reporter who interviewed Son Heung Min after Korea’s defeat to Brazil is going viral for all the right reasons.

Son Heung Min | @son_hm7/Instagram

On December 6, Korea was defeated by Brazil 4-1, eliminating them from the 2022 Qatar World Cup. Despite the Korean National Team’s best effort, the Brazilian squad was just too much for the team to overcome.

Son Heung Min (middle) took on Brazil on December 6 | FIFA

After their defeat, Son Heung Min was interviewed by a reporter. During the interview, Son Heung Min was apologetic about the team’s performance.

I am so very apologetic to the nation’s football fans and our citizens, but I’d like to say that our players gave their best.

— Son Heung Min

To this, the reporter ensured Son Heung Min that the nation knew full well that the National Team did their best. The reporter then stated that the player had nothing to apologize for and hoped the team would be proud of what the team had accomplished.

Son Heung Min |

The whole nation knows this and would like you to be proud instead of apologetic. Many (in Korea) have said that there is nothing for you to apologize for, and (we) hope you are proud. You know this, right?

— Reporter

The interview then ended the interview by telling Son Heung Min how much the National Team’s efforts have meant for the whole nation.

We are so proud of you. Thank you.

— Reporter

Netizens praised the reporter and thanked him for relaying the nation’s sentiments toward the Korean National Team.

  • “Thank you, Mr. Reporter. Son Heung Min shouldn’t apologize. Thank you so much, and we are so proud of you.”
  • “MBC is killing it these days! I hope (Son Heung Min) got the message of how proud we are of him.”
  • “The interview was so good, ㅠ.”
  • “The reporter relayed our hearts.”
  • “I’d like to thank the reporter. But it’s so sad seeing (Son Heung Min’s) puffy eyes.”
  • “The reporter is so cool.”
  • “This is a real reporter.”
  • “Thank you, Mr. Reporter.”

Although Son Heung Min’s run in the 2022 Qatar World Cup has come to an end, football fans will be able to watch him play for the Tottenham Hotspurs in the English Premier League.

Source: Wikitree and theqoo
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