Korean Restaurateurs Reveal White Customers Are Paying Luxury Prices For “Parasite” Inspired Jjapaguri

After seeing the movie, they wanted to try the dish.

According to a report by NBC News, upscale Korean restaurants in New York have been serving up their interpretation of jjapaguri (aka ramdon) that was made popular in the Oscar-winning film Parasite.

Source: NBC/Neon

Simon Kim, the owner of Michelin-star rated Korean restaurant Cote, shared that his restaurant has been serving $18 jjapaguri since Oscar season, and that it is predominantly white customers who have been ordering the dish.

The irony of paying upward of $20 for an inexpensive dish featured in a film looking at wealth and class is not lost on its restaurateurs.

—NBC News

Eater reported that prices for jjapaguri have been ranging from ~$14 to $25 USD. While it’s ironic to be paying premium prices for a dish that is typically inexpensive to make, the upcharge is often in relation to the quality of the ingredients, with Simon Kim explaining that his restaurant only charges based on the housemade broth and wagyu beef.

Reportedly, customers are fascinated by the dish as fans of the movie and want to give it a try.

Would you pay premium prices for luxury jjapaguri, or do you prefer cooking for yourself?

Source: nbc