Korean Role-Playing Game “Idle Princess” Faces Extreme Criticism For Its Pedophilic Illustrations

“This is f*cking disgusting…”

Idle Princess, a PG-15 role-playing game published by I&V Games, promotes itself as a “wild adventure of a game, between a newbie father and his daughter“.

The game’s main page reads, “Tap anywhere to begin.” | I&V Games

The game initially gained attention for its eye-catching TV commercial, featuring former I.O.I member Kim Sohye

Kim Sohye | @@idleprincess_IW/Twitter

… dressed up as one of the characters and calling the player “appa” (dad) — to go with the game’s catchphrase “Want to try raising a daughter?

Unfortunately, since its release in September, the game has gone viral and is now facing a tremendous amount of criticism for having pedophilic in-game illustrations.

Illustrations from “Idle Princess”. The caption reads, “The illustration can be changed (at a certain level).” | I&V Games

The said illustrations, of different “daughters” from the game, feature young girls (set around 8+ years old in the game) posing in revealing costumes. These girls react when tapped…

… by saying things like, “How come you want to see my underwear so badly?“…

… or “Stop! Stop molesting me!

One game reviewing YouTube channel 윤쿵쿵TV pointed out, “This game is actually extremely inappropriate” and questioned, “how did this even pass the app reviewing process?

Look at this, she says “You can touch for a little bit” and then her face blushes like this. How how is this acceptable? Look at their facial expressions and their lines. This couldn’t possibly be okay…

— 윤쿵쿵TV

In fact, Idle Princess continues to garner negative reviews — as more irritated players leave one-star ratings calling out the developers for being “filthy“.

A father-daughter themed “Idle Princess” pre-order poster that reads “Heart attack alert! Daughter-raising RPG”. | I&V Games

With the controversial game remaining downloadable, however, the online heat will likely continue to build.

I&V Games is yet to respond. Regardless the controversy, the game did acquire 800K pre-orders and maintains a 4.6/5 on Apple’s AppStore.

Source: THEQOO (1) and (2), NamuWiki and 윤쿵쿵TV