This Korean School Uniform Brand Is Being Promoted By Half-Korean Idols

Skoolooks’s latest campaign, Swag Intuition, is possibly the most diverse and interesting one yet as its three models are of mixed backgrounds!

Skoolooks contracted Han Hyun Min, a Nigerian-Korean model for their campaign.

Han Hyun Min is the first African-Korean model to walk South Korean runways.

He was also recently named one of TIME’s 30 most influential teenagers of 2017!

Jeon Somi, the Canadian-Korean singer with a Dutch-Canadian father also took part in Skoolooks’s promotion.

Somi finished in 1st place on Produce 101 and was part of the super-popular girl group I.O.I.

You could hardly find a better, more popular spokesperson to wear this classic blazer and skirt combination.

Finally, there’s Joo Haknyeon, whose father is from Hong Kong.

He’s a member of The Boyz and, like Somi, also appeared on Produce 101 (season 2).

Kudos to Skoolooks for promoting diversity in their latest ad campaign!

Source: Dispatch