Korean Siblings Go Viral With Their “Debut Worthy” K-Pop Dance Covers On TikTok

They’re really stepping up the game!

Yes, TikTok is a wild place where anything is possible and everything happens. It isn’t too surprising that people with never-seen-before talent are shining from all over the world. But this pair of Korean TikTokers, @dancekang and his sister, is really stepping up the game!

@dancekang (left) with his sister (right). | @been_bini/Instagram

The duo — whose indestructible sibling-power is well-showcased on their YouTube channel DanJerous — first went viral when aespa dropped “Black Mamba”…

… and @dancekang slayed the dance with a sassy cover performance that could rightfully get him scouted as the 5th member.

@dancekang에스파는 나야… 나라고… #블랙맘바 #에스파 #aespa #blackmamba #blackmambachallenge♬ Black Mamba – aespa

I’m aespa… aespa is me.

— @dancekang

The real fame, however, came with HyunA‘s recent comeback. Endearingly dubbed the “Crayon Shin-Chan” dance, HyunA’s “I’m Not Cool” choreography isn’t the easiest to pull off.

That is, for everyone else except @dancekang! This fierce cover racked up over 236K likes on TikTok within days after he posted.

@dancekang@recodsuan 님에게 회신 존버성공⭐️축하드려🎁 #현아 #imnotcool #암낫쿨 #hyuna #imnotcoolchallenge #암낫쿨챌린지♬ I’m Not Cool – 현아

This one is for @recodsuan. Wait and you shall receive. Congrats!

— @dancekang

The duo gained even more online popularity thanks to the sister behind the camera. K-Pop fans who came across @dancekang TikTok videos initially praised his moves…

@dancekang@yusiyen05 님에게 회신 아이들 화🔥🌸 (앵그리버드 버전ㅋㅁㅋ) #아이들 #화 #화챌린지 #gidle #HWAA #hwaachallenge

♬ 화(火花) – (G)I-DLE

This one is for @yusiyen05. (G)I-DLE’s ‘HWAA,’ the Angry Bird version.

— @dancekang

  • “Okay, but can we talk about how incredibly clean his moves actually are?”
  • “Why… is he so good at this, I don’t understand.”
  • “This is talent. This is pure talent. If this isn’t talent, I don’t know what is.”


… but then went on to worship the sister’s not-so-amateur camerawork that “would outdo Music Bank producers’ any day.

| theqoo

Check out the duo’s latest teamwork, featuring @dancekang’s smooth moves in his “Celebrity Challenge” — made extra special with the camerawork of his sister.

Source: theqoo (1) and (2)