Korean Snowboarder Goes Viral For The Perfect “How I Met Your Mother” Moment

Except there’s a plot twist.

A Korean woman’s fairytale-like romantic experience has recently taken social media by storm.

A woman who goes by the name Joo Hee on Instagram posted about her straight-out-of-a-K-Drama moment on her account a few days ago, leaving netizens blushing along. In a video posted on January 28, KST, the woman can be seen snowboarding when she suddenly almost runs into a man in front of her. At the last moment of impact, she ends up hugging the man from behind before they both take a tumble on the snow.

In the caption, Joo Hee revealed the details of the entire incident. She explained that it was her first time snowboarding, and hence, she almost ran into the stranger in front of her. She even apologized for possibly scaring the man and said she went for the hug so that she wouldn’t end up hurting him physically.

Gave a stranger a back hug during my first snowboard ride🥺

I was practicing how to slide down a hill,
but I didn’t know how to turn or stop
so I ended up running right into the person in front of me…He was also in a lesson, and I must’ve scared him a lot.
I’m so sorry. 😭

+I tried stopping, but it didn’t work.
And by the time I decided maybe I should fall back,
I’d gotten too close to him already
and I felt like I’d hurt him, so I did what I did. 🥺

— @hee.219 on Instagram

The video almost immediately went viral in South Korea, with almost 9.4 million views at the moment of writing. Many netizens were left swooning over how cute and funny the entire incident was, and some also tagged it the “How I Met Your Mother” moment, hoping that this would be remembered as an iconic meet-cute of the man and the woman in concern.

However, a plot twist was served a few days after the video was uploaded. The man in the video ended up finding it online and left a comment under Joo Hee’s post. In his response, the man, who goes by the username @rudtn1021, revealed that he was not alone at the snowboarding place but had his girlfriend accompanying him. He also thanked Joo Hee for the video and wished her the best of luck on her snowboarding journey.

I’m the guy who got hugged at the slopes. Haha.
I was scrolling through Instagram and came across this video, only to realize it’s me!
My girlfriend, in the neon-colored pants, is also on the ground in front of me.
We laughed so much this morning after seeing what really happened. 😄
Thank you so much for making it into a video, what a funny memory!
Have a good week, and hwaiting until you become a professional boarder!

— @rudtn1021 on Instagram

Though the netizens’ ship didn’t sail with these two individuals, the undeniable cuteness of this happy accident remains heartwarming.