Korean Soccer Player Son Heung Min Gets Racially Abused By Rival British Fan

British media is going crazy after a video of Korean soccer player Son Heung Min being racially abused by a West Ham United fan surfaced on the internet.

A clip was posted on Twitter where Son Heung Min, who is seen signing autographs for fans, is approached by a man after his team played against West Ham United.

In the video, a man who identifies himself as a West Ham fan asks Son Heung Min whether he sells DVDs, a common racial slur against Koreans in England.

“Alright mate, all the best, can you get us a new copy of the new Planet Of The Apes film? The DVDs of the film”

— Racist West Ham United fan

Son Heung Min tried to laugh it off, by smiling awkwardly before quickly driving off to avoid any unpleasant confrontation.

Tottenham released a statement railing against the racist remark.

“Racist behavior is completely unacceptable and we hope that the individual is identified to the authorities and the necessary action taken.”

— A Representative from Tottenham

Source: Huffington Post

West Ham United also released a statement, saying that they will not tolerate any kind of discrimination against people of any heritage.

“Anyone behaving in this manner is not representative of our club and its values, and anybody who witnesses discrimination or abuse such as this at West Ham are urged to contact us in confidence.”

— A West Ham United spokesperson

This isn’t the first time that Son Heung Min has faced discrimination for his heritage in England during his soccer career, but hopefully it will be the last.

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Check out the clip below:

Source: Sportal Korea