Quartet Korean Soul Receives A Standing Ovation From “America’s Got Talent” Judges

Their performance will touch your soul!

A talented quartet from South Korea just made their America’s Got Talent debut and received a standing ovation!

Korean Soul | Korean Soul – Seoul Chillun/Facebook

Korean Soul, a Gospel quartet of Sooyong Yoon, Shyun Lee, Jifan Lee, and Young J, auditioned for season 16 of America’s Got Talent by singing a unique cover of K-Ci & JoJo‘s 1998 Billboard Hot 100 No. 1 hit “All My Life.”

| America’s Got Talent

They amazed the all-star panel of judges with their soulful harmonies, which the group’s fans are already familiar with. Although not well-known in their home country of Korea, the four have a following internationally thanks to the internet. The quartet has social media accounts, including Instagram and YouTube, in which they post cover videos, several of which have gone viral.

Bebe Winans – “Laughter Just Like A Medicine” ft. Korean Soul | malacomg/YouTube

Korean Soul also has collaborated with Grammy-winning R&B and Gospel artist BeBe Winans on their hit song “Laughter (Just Like Medicine),” which earned a spot at No. 6 on the Gospel Digital Song Sales chart. Now, they are hoping, with their America’s Got Talent audition, to really make it big as they told the panel they hope to become pop stars.

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From their successful audition, it looks like they have exactly what it takes to make it! Immediately after their performance ended, the entire audience rose for a standing ovation along with the judges.

| America’s Got Talent

Howie Mandel, who has been an outspoken fan of K-Pop, especially BTS, was an instant fan of the group. He exclaimed, “What is it in the Korean culture that makes so many talented people?”

You guys really check a lot of the boxes that you need to make it. And you sounded great. I love it!

— Howie Mandel

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Heidi Klum praised their harmonies and also complimented how well they coordinated their outfits together as well. Of course, coming from a fashion designer and model, this was a huge compliment!

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Actress Sofía Vergara only had good things to say about the group’s audition. Each member is so talented already individually, but together, they’re absolutely perfect.

You guys make a great group together. I think it’s perfect. You have all the talent. Everything. I thought it was spectacular.

— Sofía Vergara

| America’s Got Talent

Simon Cowell, known to be very blunt, said, “[It’s] probably one of the best auditions we’ve had today, right?” Host Terry Crews spoke in agreement as well.

You know, every lead was great. The harmonies were great. The song choice was great. Good for you.

— Simon Cowell

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It was no surprise that Korean Soul passed the audition with all four yesses from the judges. The members were very humble as they responded to the airing of their audition with gratitude.

Ah! Our audition just aired! Such a dream come true. Hearing Simon’s commentary was so cool! I can’t believe he’s a fan of my act!

— Korean Soul

| America’s Got Talent

Their audition video already has a 99% like rate, and the comments are filled with positive messages for the group.

  • “Their voices are beautiful individually. But, when they are all singing together, I can’t help but smile. Korean Soul has a new fan!”
  • “You can tell Simon likes a group when he does that head tilt and actually decides to listen. They are great. I hope they make it far or win.”
  • “They said they want to be pop stars.. But what can i say, they’re going to be LEGENDS!… Sorry, my bad, for me, they are already legends.. congrats guys.. YOU WERE ABSOLUTELY SPECTACULAR!”
  • “They’re called ‘Korean Soul” and guess what they really touched my soul”

We can’t wait to see what happens next for Korean Soul in their new journey! There’s no doubt that their future will be filled with success.

Check out the video below:

Source: Billboard and America's Got Talent
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