Top Movie Star Abuses Drugs At An Adult Establishment With Trainees — Netizens Try To Guess The Star’s Identity

He’s super famous and successful.

It was previously reported that a top star “on the level of Yoo Ah In” was being investigated for drug use by the Incheon Police.

We received information on a celebrity on the level of Yoo Ah In from a Gangnam adult establishment. We are investigating “L” for his alleged drug use.

— Incheon Police

Investigations revealed that the star was a movie actor in his 40s. What shocked people was the fact that he had been consuming drugs including marijuana over multiple times between January and October 2023. He administered the drugs at either the adult establishment or at his house. It was not just him who consumed the drugs.

Investigations revealed that he had consumed the drugs with up to 8 other people, including celebrity hopefuls (trainees), and workers of the adult establishments.

Even though no identity details have been released other than his age and last name initial, netizens have already begun guessing who could be involved in the situation. They are also deeply disappointed in the news.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • The situation makes me want to barf. If they’re celebrity hopefuls, they would be young too.
  • The contents are so dirty. Why do they live like that?
  • If he’s in his 40s, then [the guesses] were right. He was hardworking as an actor along with his wife, so he had a good image. Shocking.
  • Trainees + adult establishment + drugs…barf.
  • Wow.
  • Adult establishment and celebrity hopefuls… These keywords are too…
  • Adult establishment and celebrity hopefuls. LOL. Is the situation I’m imagining right? F*ck, how dirty.
Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • Huh, is it really him?
  • No, but you’re saying its him? Insane. What will his wife do?
  • They put it nicely when they said “celebrity hopefuls” LOL. They’re probably mostly adult workers.
  • He was truly a top star…
  • Wow… But why do people who have everything act like this? Was his life too boring? I want to be bored too, ugh.
  • Vongole, right?

No other details have been released by the police yet.

Source: theqoo