Iron and Kidoh sentenced to jail-time for smoking marijuana

On November 24th, two South Korean rappers were sentenced to jail for the use of marijuana while one former idol was convicted for the use and smuggling of drugs.

Back in April of 2016, rapper Iron was arrested and convicted for the use of marijuana. He was arrested when they were investigating a petty theft.

A producer who was identified simply as “Kang” was brought into questioning after a thief had attempted to steal his belongings out of a locker in a sauna. During the interrogation, police noticed that Kang’s eyes looked very abnormal.

They proceeded to test him for drug usage. Kang tested positive for the use of marijuana. The police were able to arrest 9 others for the use of marijuana, among them were Iron and Kidoh.

On November 24th, The Seoul Central District Court sentenced rapper Iron to an eight-month prison sentence and two years probation. Former TOPPDOGG member Kidoh was also sentenced to a six-month imprisonment and one-year probation. The two stars are also to attend drug abuse classes along with a fine.


IRON released his first full-length album two months ago, titled ROCK BOTTOM, which included tracks with controversial and insensitive lyrics that glamorized rape, contained inappropriate racial slurs and even dissed YG, T.O.P, and G-Dragon drawing out a sarcastic response from T.O.P.


After leaving TOPP DOGG, Kidoh revealed that he was going to have his first Solo Performance Tour in America during December. However, it is likely that the event will now be canceled.

Cha Joo Hyuk, also known as Park Kang Ho from Coed School debuted in 2010./ Source: Naver
Cha Joo Hyuk, also known as Park Kang Ho from Co-ed School debuted in 2010./ Source: Naver

Former Co-ed School member Cha Joo Hyuk was also caught smuggling Ketamine at  Vancouver International Airport in Canada.  Urine and hair tests revealed that Cha Joo Hyuk used/smoked marijuana, ecstasy, and ketamine. Small amounts of drugs were found in his car as well.

The tent where Cha Joo Hyuk cultivated and grew marijuana in his own home./ Source: Naver

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