Topp Dogg making a comeback with only 10 members due to member withdrawals

Boy group Topp Dogg is finally making a comeback to the music scene, dropping the first video teaser to their track “Emotion” from their upcoming 4th mini-album.

However, fans of the group may have noticed that members are missing from the latest teaser, and there’s a reason why.

On October 8th, the group’s agency clarified the reason of missing members in the latest teaser, posting this explanation through their fan cafe.

According to the letter, member Kidoh will be following his own musical direction but has taken part as the producer of Topp Dogg’s new album but will not be active through group promotions.

Member Gohn, on the other hand, is preparing to enlist in the military and fulfill his obligations as a Korean male citizen, thus his exempt from the album activities.

Their full statement can be found below:

“Hello, this is Topp Dogg’s agency HUNUS Entertainment. 

This summer, Stardom Entertainment and HUNUS Entertainment merged, and we have worked hard on improving our organization in order for the artists under our agency gain new possibilities. It is our hope that fans will see these progress, which has already started through Topp Dogg’s comeback and activities.

However, prior to that, we must convey some bad news to the loving fans of Topp Dogg. Topp Dogg members Kidoh and Gohn have decided to part ways with their group, they will no longer be Topp Dogg members, and we have respected their choices.

It’s unfortunate to part with them as we have seen them grow as artists through the tough and bad times over the past few years. However, we came to the decision that Kido and Gohn should follow their hearts and minds, and we look forward to watching them grow wherever their musical abilities take them. We are currently in discussion with the two members regarding their future activities. 

Gohn has been in discussion with the agency for several months as he would like to enlist to fulfill his military service obligations. Because of this process, he was unable to participate in the creation of the album. However, once he is complete with his services, should the situation permits, he would like to undergo through his own personal activities. Even though he is no longer in Topp Dogg, he will continue to cheer them on with Topp Klass (fandom) until they have achieved their dreams as a top idol group. After his military services, he hopes to see fans again with good music.

In Kidoh’s case, he will not take part of broadcasting activities and has become involved in Topp Dogg’s album as the producer. Recently, work has created opportunities for him that allowed him to travel abroad, and recent discussion with the company was his wishes to follow his own musical direction.

The Topp Dogg and staff members have decided to respect the decisions of Kidoh and Gohn, and we wish them a bright future. We would also like to thank the fans who have continued to cheer them on. 

We would also like to take this chance to thank fans at home and abroad for their generous support towards Topp Dogg. Although the belated notice due to our long discussions and sincere contemplation of how to deliver the sad news, to Topp Klass, we sincerely apologize for the delay of notice. 

The Topp Dogg members have been working passionately towards their comeback and are excited to show fans new performances. We ask that you give Topp Dogg’s new album a lot of love and support.”

Topp Dogg was started by Cho PD (Zo PD) as a 13-member group in 2013. Earlier in January 2015, member Seogoong had left Topp Dogg to join the group’s sub-unit Under Dogg, which consists of entirely different members from the original group.

This will be Topp Dogg’s first comeback in two years.

Source: TV Report