Korean Streamer Praised For Saving 10+ People During Itaewon Halloween Emergency

This is apparently not the first time he has helped others during a crisis.

A South Korean BJ (Broadcast Jockey), who goes by the name Vegeta is currently gaining praise from netizens for saving the lives of more than ten people during the Itaewon Halloween Emergency.

BJ Vegeta

On October 29, a crowd crush in Itaewon ended up claiming hundreds of lives and leaving more with severe injuries. Videos from the scene showed many civilians stepping up to help out victims, shoulder to shoulder, with the limited number of rescue workers. Vegeta has been identified as one of those heroes.

Picture taken moments before the crowd surge. | TeamBlind

According to reports, he went to Itaewon to live stream the Halloween festivities. When the surge happened, he was at Hamilton Alley, trapped in the crowd and fighting for his life. Vegeta could barely save himself with the help of other citizens, and as soon as he got back to his senses, he tried to rescue as many people as possible.

A map of the area indicating the directions that the crowd was moving around the alley. | Google Maps

Witnesses said he tried saving the people leaning against the railing by grabbing the hands of those at the bottom and lifting them. In the process, he apparently saved more than ten people.

The Itaewon alley, where the crowd surge took place.

After Vegeta’s story went public, many netizens showed their appreciation for his bravery. According to a commenter, Vegeta also helped people when Seoul witnessed heavy flooding due to excessive rain in August this year.

| donga.com

Translation: Vegeta is so cool these days. He helped people to push their cars and move furniture in cafes during the heavy rain. I f*cking like himㄷㄷㄷ

Another commenter revealed that the livestreamer was apparently a kindergarten teacher before he became a BJ.

| theqoo.net

Translation: Guys, he used to work as a kindergarten teacher before he became a BJ. That’s why he’s really kind. That’s also why he gets hate from people, saying that his shows are boring because they’re PG Ratedㅠㅠ. 

| donga.com


  • I hope he will move to YouTube and find success
  • People like these should be more and more successful. I’m rooting for him.

Vegeta responded to all the praise with a humble message on his Afreeca TV channel.

| theqoo.net

Translation: I would like to thank everyone who has been worrying and rooting for me. I’m praying for the quick recovery of all people who were injured in the Itaewon tragedy. And may those who sadly have left us rest in peace. 

Source: Donga Ilbo