Famous Korean Streamer That Sexually Harassed A Female Guest Claims He Did Nothing Wrong

He does not see what he did as sexual harassment.

Recently, it was reported that a Korean streamer, EugBak, who has over 1.8 million subscribers on Youtube, sexually harassed a female guest on live stream. He had offered around $3600 USD to her in exchange for having her sleep with him. Despite her attempts to laugh it off and to excuse him as being drunk, he had continued to proposition her.

After the incident, he opened a new live stream while out and about in the daytime. On April 10, 2021, he addressed netizens’ requests for him to apologize and reflect on the matter. He denied allegations of sexual harassment with the line, “You’re asking the King of nature, EugBak, to reflect for life? Sexual harassment? Such bullsh*t.

EugBak claimed that he was drunk so he does not remember the incident clearly. However, the $3600 he offered up, was apparently the pay he had originally offered to Oh Sangkeum for appearing on his live stream.

He admitted that he found Oh Sangkeum pretty and that he was drawn to her. He was lonely and acted out as such, based on his interest in her. When viewers asked him to explain why he asked Oh Sangkeum to sleep over at his place, he merely explained that he wanted to be with her as she was attractive. He deflected accusations of sexual harassment by claiming that asking to sleep with someone does not equate to asking them for sex.

He concluded by claiming he would not be going on a break from activities as he did nothing wrong. The live video was not saved on his channel.

Source: theqoo