Korean Streaming Platform “Wavve” Accidentally Airs Pornography In The Middle Of A Children’s Movie

Wavve is “working on resolving the issue” now.

Wavve, as one of Korea’s many video streaming platforms, offers its subscribers with view-on-demand reruns of popular television programs from broadcasting stations like KBS, MBC, and SBS. In addition, wavve also streams K-Movies — including some for children, like Pororo, Cyberspace Adventure.

“Open 24 Hours Contents Store”. | wavve웨이브/YouTube

Unfortunately, wavve “accidentally” aired pornographic bits mixed into the said movie and received harsh criticism from unsuspecting parents who played the content for their young children.

“Pororo, Cyberspace Adventure” poster. | DAUM Movie Database

On January 29, one subscriber shared online:

NAVER’s “Mom Café” forum.

[Is anyone watching wavve right now? The pornography…] I was playing the Pororo movie and it’s showing pornography in the middle of this children’s movie… I was super shocked! I can’t believe they let this happen. Be careful. You’ll be showing your kids porn if you show them Pororo. I tried calling the customer service center, but no one is answering. I’m so upset…

— wavve Subscriber

According to this subscriber, wavve aired multiple 3-to-5-second segments of uncensored adult sex scenes mixed in between the original scenes over the duration of a minute in the middle of Pororo, Cyberspace Adventure.

Screenshot of the pornographic content being aired in the middle of “[Movie] Pororo, Cyberspace Adventure”. | inews24
Other subscribers added to the claim by sharing their personal experiences with wavve. One included a screenshot of the wavve app failing to operate smoothly while streaming Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo.

wavve has been like this for days now. I’m so mad.

— Subscriber

These subscribers tried reporting the issue to wavve, but allegedly no one was able to reach the platform’s customer service department. Later that day, however, wavve uploaded an official statement to their website, apologizing for the inconvenience and promising to repair the service as soon as possible.

The apology on wavve’s website. | wavve.com

[Notice] We’re Resolving The Playback Issue With Live Channels And Some VOD Contents

Hello, this is wavve. First, thank you for using wavve’s streaming service and we sincerely apologize for this inconvenience. Since January 27, Wednesday, 6:20AM, we have been impacted by a server issue and some live channels and VOD contents are unavailable. We are working on resolving the issue as soon as possible. Once we have the full service back up, we will notify you. Thank you.

— wavve

Specifically about the pornographic content, wavve simply claimed that “the files got mixed up” while trying to fix the server issue.

Screenshot of the pornographic content being aired in the middle of “[Movie] Pororo, Cyberspace Adventure”. | Wikitree
Regardless, subscribers remain frustrated with wavve as they “aren’t getting full use of the service [they] paid for“.

Source: INEWS24, theqoo and Pororo Korean Official